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11 rules for a successful adopter

I’ve had quite a few people write me saying that they’ve applied for lots of dogs and aren’t having much success in meeting or adopting them. So from a rescue perspective, here’s my rule-of-thumb guide to getting your application in fast and getting your application considered. Feel free to share this or copy and paste […]

DLG owner surrendered cats.

The myth of Christmas dumping

The image here is one I created using the headlines from 3 pages of Google results searching for the information on whether people really do dump their pets at Christmas. The “fact” that there is a huge influx of dumped and abandoned pets is so common and so often replicated by animal shelters, pounds and […]

Animals and disaster

The devastating NSW fires are still burning in many places around the state. The fire season started early, but all the science indicates that climate change is impacting the severity, length and timing of disaster events in Australia. There will be more fires, floods and cyclones this year and perhaps NSW experience should be a […]


Please donate money

Send money, not stuff

If you would like to help victims, human and animal of disaster events there is a really important point that I’d like to urge you to take on board and share widely. Please donate money and not stuff. Australians have a well-deserved reputation for generosity in the wake of disaster events, but too often that […]

Multiplied me

“The Public is merely a multiplied ‘me.’” Mark Twain If you are at all interested in the welfare of companion animals and read blogs or rescue sites, you’ll quickly realise that one of the most common, if not the most common, theme is the “irresponsible public”. Over and over again passionate advocates of companion animal […]