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Fostering saves lives

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” John Lewis Do you know what the single, biggest problem that rescue groups in Australia are facing today, right now, this very minute? It’s not shelters killing, it’s not legislation, it’s not lack of resources; it’s something  much simpler and more fundamental. It’s a place […]



A day in the life of rescue

It goes like this. On Tuesday afternoon David from Mildura drives to Broken Hill to pick up animals from Broken Hill pound, a 7 hour round trip. Because of the heat, it’s decided that this transport effort will happen at night,  so David arrives back in Mildura at 11pm with several dogs, a cat and […]

Social animals

Let’s talk about your social media presence rescuers. I follow a lot of rescue groups on Facebook and on Twitter, mainly because I think of rescue as an industry, an ad hoc and somewhat shambolic industry, but an industry none-the-less. This means that I like to know what is going on with other groups, see […]


Passionate statistics: pie charts and companion animal rescue

If you read much about animal rescue or follow a lot of Facebook about animal rescue, you’ll possibly come away with the impression that rescuers are like Florence Nightingale in the Crimea; toiling away knee deep in gore and horror, reeling from one story of despair and misery to another. Drenched in the blood of […]