Fostering saves lives

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” John Lewis

Do you know what the single, biggest problem that rescue groups in Australia are facing today, right now, this very minute? It’s not shelters killing, it’s not legislation, it’s not lack of resources; it’s something Pearl much simpler and more fundamental.

It’s a place to put animals rescued from pounds; it’s a yard, a run, a room, a bed – somewhere for pets to live while they are waiting for new homes.

We need foster homes, we need them badly and we need them now.

All across Australia healthy, loving pets are going to die because rescue groups don’t have foster homes for them. The bald truth is, we can’t save them without somewhere for them to go.

All of the rescue groups I know are in crisis. As rescue has become better known we are being asked to do more and more. Pounds are turning to us for help, people are asking us to take their pets and we are overwhelmed.

And more than overwhelmed we are breaking our hearts, knowing how many more animals we could save, if only we had foster spaces for them.

We know that Australians love pets; 63% of you own pets. We know Australians want to save pets;  in Victoria alone you donated 1.5 million dollars to the RSPCA in 2011.

So if you love pets, now is your time to help.

Rescuers aren’t any different to anyone else, we’re not richer, or more skilled, or less busy. We have jobs and families and commitments just like you. And just like you we want to make a difference, but we can’t go it alone. We need help, we need your help, and we need it today.

If you’ve ever thought of fostering an animal, don’t think, “some day”, don’t think, “later”, don’t think, “when I’ve got more time”. Think, “if not now, when?”

If you’d like to foster for us, you can find all the information you need just here, including more information about fostering and our foster care application. If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re not close to us, we can suggest other groups who could really do with help.

We can’t save lives without your help.

If you can’t foster, you can still help. Print out the foster care posters and take them to work, take them to school, take them to your friends and cafes and sporting groups.  Share them on Facebook, on Twitter, pin them on Pinterest or post them on Tumblr.

But do something today, because if you don’t, who will?

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